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Kasabian in Canada

It has nearly been 6 years since they last hit the stage in Canada, but one of England’s biggest bands, Kasabian, have finally scheduled a North American tour for March/April this year. The band, recently playing shows at the O2 in London last year to booking a tour in North America in smaller clubs such as the Kool Haus in Toronto will be a rare chance for Americans and Canadians to see this band up close.



In a continent inundated with an incredible amount of garbage music, it’s refreshing to see Kasabian making a return to the stage here in North America. Hopefully this is a small step in pushing us closer to getting out of the current pop-autotune-shit-infused music depression.


The dates:



If you live near any of these areas, (and can still get tickets) you need to check these guys out.


Another time.




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