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Where Did The Rock’n’Roll Star Mystique Go?

When I was a kid, I looked up to Rock Stars like they were gods. They were people living these lives I dreamed of living.  I assumed all they did was write, perform and record music all the time and constantly talk bullshit to the media who fed that bullshit down to the consumer…me. I played in bands in my teenage years and well into my twenties, so I absolutely loved this.

The only way I could get information about Rock Stars was to buy rock magazines or watch interviews on music television when the particular rock star was in town (when music television wasn’t absolute pure shit AND when they actually played music on music television).

Rock Stars were a special breed of people, almost superhuman that you only had knowledge of a small portion of their life and the rest you would fill in with your imagination. There was a mysticism to their lives that made them even more appealing and putting them on that superstar level.  Now there really isn’t any mysticism for rock’n’roll stars.  With the introduction of Twitter and YouTube and many Rock Stars participating daily in both these social avenues (in the case of YouTube whether willingly or not), Rock Stars no longer have that big gap in their lives that the public can fill with their own imaginations. At any moment you know what a Rock Star is up to, when their records are coming out, what their songs sound like WELL before any announcement of a new record and so on and so on…

Maybe this is why Rock Stars in the music industry are quickly diminishing today.  The mystique of the Rock Star no longer exists making them appear less like superstars and more like you and I.

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