This Reunion Feels A Bit Sketchy |

This Reunion Feels A Bit Sketchy

Over the last few years there has been a proliferation of reunions in rock’n’roll.  Here is a sample list of a few bands I can think of:

Stone Temple Pilots Reunited

Stone Temple Pilots

Soundgarden Reunited



And the list goes on and on…

In some circumstances it makes you wonder what drove that band to reunite.

I recently read an article on about Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello that inspired me to write this post.  Rage got back together a few years back, went on tour and headlined some of the biggest festivals in Europe and Coachella in the States.  Basically in the article, Morello mentioned that not all the members of Rage are ready to record a new record.  Then what are they doing? I can only imagine how much money Rage were paid to play shows like Coachella and Download Festival.  It had to be ridiculous.

Reunited Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine


I wouldn’t have any issue if Rage or some of the other bands who have reunited without any plan to record new material would come out and admit that they are doing it to make money.  At least then, fans, including myself, wouldn’t waste another second hoping that new material was on the horizon, and to save on the insane ticket costs for their reunion tours.

In some of these circumstances however, the bands did it right.  They got back together, told everyone about it, played a few shows to create some more buzz, went into the studio to record new material for a record, and toured that record.  That is the way to reunite a band.  Give the fans something new to listen and look forward to and don’t waste time for one last crack at big money.

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