The 'Single Deal' is Destroying Music |

The ‘Single Deal’ Is Destroying Music

I was recently flipping through channels on TV and came across that god awful channel that used to be (somewhat) culturally relevant a long, long, long time ago…Much Music (for those who don’t live in Canada, it would be the equivalent to MTV as it was in the 80’s) .  For some reason I decided to not change the channel immediately and watched a few minutes of whatever terrible program was on.  While I was watching, I saw a promo for this:

A contest for someone to win a chance for a ‘Single Deal’ (amongst the rest of these prizes indicated above).  This immediately got me thinking, “a Single Deal?, What the fuck is going on here?”.  This is not to say that I think any of these people should be encouraged to actually be signed to a full-length album deal, but a Single Deal though?.  I honestly didn’t think this sort of thing existed at all, but with the current state of music right now and for the last decade or so, it really starts to make perfect sense.

People are given ‘opportunities’ such as this by the record companies so they can exploit them as fast as they can, cash in and get the fuck out.  Record companies have found a way to combat the illegal download, and that is to make heaps of money off people quickly and move on to the next.  The traditional idea that a record company can sign an artist or a band to a 3 album deal and make money out of them gradually while at the same time building their sound, fan base and fan loyalty along the way is rapidly going extinct.  The end result is a bunch of little-to-no talent people releasing soulless, committee created music as forgettable as Psy’s Gangnam Style.

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