The Moment You Realize Your Friends Are Lame |

The Moment You Realize Your Friends Are Lame

Before reading any further, here is the disclaimer:  Friends who may think this post is about them, remember who I am before you react to this (haha).

I can remember being at a point in my life that whenever bands were in town and they had the potential of being a band that my friends and I might be into, we would go to the show.  Of course this is a period of time when money was scarce, but there was always a way of finding the funds to go to the show.

Recently I bought 2 tickets to a sold out concert at Massey Hall in Toronto of a band who went to #1 in the UK (for reasons of retaining some of my friends who declined, I will keep the band name secret).  I had someone lined up and committed to going with me to the concert, but for reasons beyond their control they couldn’t make it…fair enough.  So once I confirmed I had an extra ticket to the show, I got on the phone and sent a mass text to all my friends who I have attended hundreds of concerts with in the past.  The response I got back was something I really wasn’t expecting; “I don’t even know these guys“, “I’m not sure I’d be down for that“, etc etc.  I immediately thought, ok, I’m giving a 4th row centre ticket away which is valued at $70 of a band who recently went #1 in the UK for FREE! and I was receiving responses like that?? UNbelievable! These friends know I wouldn’t take them to see a concert of a band that was completely out of their realm, so I was a little shocked.

I tried my best not to react the way I wanted to, which was, “you would rather sit at home and watch the latest episodes of How I Met Your Mother or Two And A Half Men than check out a FREE show?” Don’t get me wrong, I love all my friends and they mean so much to me, but this was without a doubt the moment when I realized that my friends have become lame.


P.S. Whoever is into some cool fucking bands and wants to accompany me to some shows, drop me a line!


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  1. Thank you so much! This has been frustrating me so much lately! I can’t even count the number of times I’ve invited my friends to go do something, hey lets go down to my pool, hey lets go see a movie, hey lets go to the water park, hey lets go out to eat. And they’ve always either got work to do. Either they have work or they’d rather sit at home playing video games. Or worse, they don’t even respond. Whenever people ask me if I want to go do something, I always say yes unless I truly can’t. All my friends though are blowing off an opportunity to go out and have some real fun rather than sitting at home playing more video games and deepening their addiction to them.


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