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The “Human Element” In Music

This has been a post that has been sitting on the shelf since I started writing my blog and it was one of the driving forces behind me starting writing in the first place.











The “Human Element” in music today.  The inspiration came form Dave Grohl’s speech at the Grammy’s earlier this year.  He was praising the few musicians who actually still grow, develop and use their talents in music today.

Since the beginning of such shows as American Idol and the X Factor, the sense of what makes someone talented musically has shifted dramatically. Simon Cowell and company has convinced the general public through these shows that in order for you to be a talent in music, you have to sing with absolute perfection.








This change in public perception of what makes a musician talented has brought with it some of the most unfortunate “music” since Disco.

The Auto-Tune explosion…cue the champion of it all

AND just because I believe he is up there with Jack White as one of the most overrated artists of our time, I can’t leave out this man and his gross overuse of auto-tune…









There is no doubt talent in being an amazing singer, that I’m not disputing, but it’s the mistakes that make music have soul and provide the listener with a sense of emotion coming from the artist.  If a singer has been tuned to perfection with auto tune, where is the soul of that song? It gets lost in perfection.  It’s the little mistakes that make records great and gives the listener the drive to come back for repeat listens to hear that mistake in the second verse, or the extra second the artist held that note in the bridge or whatever.

This auto tune explosion gave support to those parents out there who would refer to your music as a kid as “fake music”, now it’s actually true.  Pop music is basically 100% fake.

Dave Grohl has been in the public eye for over 20 years, so who better to point this out at the Grammy’s than him.  I just hope that by the next Grammy’s, they won’t have to insert rock band here with the Best Rock Performance category and showcase more music that promotes that Human Element that is missing in music today.  But then again, it’s the Grammy’s, so clearly why hope.

Another Time.



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