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“No Mettlers Allowed” Couple Denied Apartment Because of Metal?

I just read something that absolutely sickened me.  There is a couple in Toronto (Mike and Lara) that recently applied for an apartment and after the property owner discovered that the husband played in a metal band were denied the chance to move in.  Apparently the property owner was basically ready to pass the lease over to the couple for their signature, but after a trip to Google and a quick search of the husband’s band Vilipend, decided they couldn’t possibly rent to the couple anymore.


Posted on Lara’s blog Taken directly from the letter written by the property owner after the discovery of kind of music Vilipend played:

We were quite ready to make a decision in your favour the other night.

However, upon investigation of the band Vilipend, it has brought forward some concerns for us.
We are uncomfortable with the energy that this music manifests.











This is straight up discrimination, and coming from a city with such cultural diversity as Toronto, this is beyond ridiculous.  I played in a metal band for years in my late teens/early twenties and my hair was half way down my back and my beard was quite substantial and I remember walking down the streets of Toronto feeling basically like an alien, so my heart goes out to this couple. It’s amazing how people pass judgment on mettlers based on the music they listen to and how many of them may not look like their straight out of an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.  I personally know several mettlers and by FAR they are the nicest, genuine people I have had the pleasure of hanging out with.
I really hope karma takes play and the next squeaky-clean renters this property owner decides to rent to are nothing short of a nightmare.


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