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Tupac Hologram. Move on…Let the dead be dead

As i’m sure you all know, last weekend at the Coachella festival, Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre were up on stage with Tupac.  Not the real Tupac of course, but a hologram in his likeness was created to emulate the rapper for the festival goers.


My first thought was not how amazing it looked or how groundbreaking this was but how ridiculous it was to be trying to bring Tupac back from the dead to “perform” at the event.  The man has been dead for years, can he not just be remembered for the work he did?  Move on and let the dead be dead.

My second thought was, if this happened in the rock world and they brought back Freddie Mercury or Kurt Cobain as a hologram, the stage would most likely be rushed in rage.  There is a certain respect you need to have for artists that are gone before their time.  Would they actually be fine with this?  Wouldn’t they want to be remembered for their life and how they lived and not a hologram of someone’s interpretation of how they would carry on? In my mind it’s a false representation of the artist.


Finally my third thought was, not only can rappers not have 1 record, or 1 song without a collaboration, now there is no stopping them from collaborating with the dead…


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