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Lord Of The Rings Metal?

I can’t believe I have never came across this until now because it may have been one of most incredible, extraordinary things I have seen or heard.  Have you ever watched The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and thought “shit, that white wizard Saruman would make a wicked metal singer”? Probably not.  That’s not to say that you weren’t left with the impression that the white wizard’s voice was pretty dark and menacing.

Veteran actor/legend Christopher Lee, the white wizard himself, not only is a singer but has his own metal band and is about to release his second record.  Yeah, you heard me right, this is actually a real thing.  Lee’s metal band, which goes by the moniker “Charlemagne” has just announced they are releasing their second record Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death on May 27th, Lee’s 91st birthday.  The cover art of the new record definitely captures the essence of metal in every sense of the word.

Charlemagne’s first record Charlemagne: By The Sword And The Cross, (as Lee has described it) was more of a symphonic sounding record, while according to a recent interview with the Guardian, Lee described the new instalment Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death as “100% metal”.  I have listened to it, and it is actually ridiculously good.

Check out the album preview below and see and hear from Lee’s own voice what this project and new record is all about.

All I have to say is, to all those parents who have said that their kid is just going through a phase and their love for metal music will eventually die, OR to the general misconception that metal music is for young people, Christopher Lee is turning 91 and is rocking metal vocals like a champ.

Oh I almost forgot.  In December 2012, Lee released his Christmas album “Christopher Lee A Heavy Metal Christmas“.  So this year when you’re dusting off those Bing Crosby and Andy Williams records and gathering around the fire with the kids for that oh so nostalgic moment, go to iTunes and download this lovely Christmas ditty.

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