Lady Unoriginal, haven't we seen this before? |

Lady Unoriginal, haven’t we seen this before?


It looks as though history repeated itself and nobody seemed to have noticed.

It’s not surprising that Lady Gaga has risen to the top of the pop charts as to some people, her music videos, red carpet meat dresses, and her live shows are outside the spectrum of normality.  It is surprising to me, however, that celebrities and some music media have demonstrated their respect by referring to her as an “innovator”, or a “pioneer” in the music industry by giving people something they haven’t seen before.  But really, have we not seen this before? Is she really doing anything that somebody hasn’t already done?

No.  Correct me if i’m wrong, but what was Madonna doing in the 80’s?  Was she not pushing the envelope by dressing up “like a virgin” for her music video and live performances of the song of the same name?  Obviously she was trying to stir things up because let’s face it…a virgin she clearly was not.


Let’s rewind 10 more years to 1972.  David Bowie took the concept album to the next level by introducing a character to the world by the name of “Ziggy Stardust”.  Bowie lived and breathed a character he created which obviously had the public turning their heads and asking themselves “what the fuck?”.

Bowie and Madonna both had something that Gaga didn’t.  They both had the music to back up any weird shit they were doing.  If you listen to Gaga’s music with your eyes closed, what do you hear…the exact same thing that you are constantly hearing in pop music today.  If someone were to play a track from Gaga’s Born This Way record that isn’t a popular single and follow it up with a track from Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream record that isn’t a popular single, you wouldn’t know the difference.  Try it.  (Also, I can’t help but point out that the song Born This Way is a clear ripoff of Madonna’s Express Yourself.)

Point is, Lady Gaga has not done anything that has blown me away to make me think “hmmm, I am honestly intrigued”.  Besides, even if she did, her music is just not good enough to make ears perk.


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