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Have you ever felt embarrassed to buy a record?

First and foremost, I am not a hipster and I have no problem with hipsters.  The only thing that is hipster about me is that I live in the Capital of Hipsterville in Toronto, the west-end.  I don’t look like the stereotypical hipster, but after a lot of people get to know me they frequently think I’m am in fact a hipster.  The reason for this is I couldn’t be more passionate about the music I like.  The music ranges from rock to hip hop to industrial to blues to jazz to basically anything, but amongst all the genres I am a fan of, I absolutely make it a priority to point out the music and artists I hate.  From the hipsters I know and I have met, they typically always seem to make it a priority to mention what music they think is shit, so I understand the confusion so I’m not too pissed about it.









This hipster-like approach to the music I’m into has made it very difficult for me to go into a record store and shop for some music.  I don’t download that much music off iTunes because I love the physical property of the music…the whole package if you will.   Once in a while I hear a piece of music that catches my interest but it’s something that has been out for a while and for whatever reason I overlooked it until months after it came out.  This particular piece of music may also have been a massive hit and everyone I knew has heard it and it could be beyond played out.  I have recently been a victim of being embarrassed purchasing music because of this exact reason.










I bought the Mumford & Sons “Sigh No More CD when it came out a long time ago but recently I really wanted to buy it on vinyl because I felt like it’s something that would sound even better given the chance to be heard on vinyl.  When I was in the record store, I had the record in my hand and couldn’t buy it.  Obviously the band has blown up and are massive since I bought the CD, so there was a part of me that thought there was no way I could buy this thing now.  What the fuck is that?  I got home and wanted to punch myself in the face for the utter stupidity and hipster-like quality that I apparently possess.


The point is, who is going to be making you feel embarrassed for purchasing music after-the-fact (if you will)?  The hipsters at the front desk of the record store? Yep, who fucking cares.


Another time.



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