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Don’t Buy More Than 1 Album At A Time

Something that has always been a problem throughout my life when purchasing albums is when you go to a record store, see more than one record you want to purchase and leave buying 2 or more records.

Very rarely do I go to a record store and leave with one album as record shopping is basically a disease I’m suffering from. When I’m surrounded by records, I just want to purchase as much as I can until I empty my music budget for the month.  The issue with purchasing more than one record at a time is  ultimately there is that one record that gets put on the back burner and doesn’t get the proper repeat listens it deserves.

AM vs HM

Recently I went to the record store with the purpose of buying two specific records; Nine Inch Nails new record ‘Hesitation Marks‘ and the new Arctic Monkeys record ‘AM.  I had tickets to see the Arctic Monkeys in Toronto on September 15th, so that record took precedent over the new NIN.  I started listening to the new Arctic Monkeys record again and again and so on to get very familiar with it for the upcoming show, not to mention the record is absolute genius so it would have been hard to not give it repeated listens.  So, ‘Hesitation Marks took a back seat to ‘AM and not because it was a bad album, but because I bought it the same day as I bought AM.  Because of this, by the time I was ready to really give ‘Hesitation Marks the listens it deserved, I was ready to hit the record store for my next acquisitions putting the record on the back burner of the back burner.

This kind of thing has happened ever since I started buying records as a kid and is a fucking shame as SO many albums have gone without their warranted listens until I ultimately rediscover them at a later date.  I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

Another time.


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