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Defending Justin Bieber

I definitely haven’t refrained from blasting Justin Bieber in the past on this site, as let’s face it, his music is fucking abysmal and everything the kid represents is the problem with music today.

In the media recently, there has been a focus on Bieber’s private life and what the guy has been doing on a daily basis.  Basically the idea is that he rose to fame as a child and everyone loves to see a famous person crash and burn.  Earlier this year he had some altercation with a photographer in London, he recently posted a video on Instagram where he ‘appeared to be on drugs’, marijuana was found on his tour bus, he apparently spat on his neighbour, he recently pissed in a restaurant mop bucket, and the list goes on and on.

My issue with these incidents indicated above, or any that I have missed are;

  • This kid is in the music industry.  If people in the music industry can’t do fucked up shit then who can?
  • Who gives a shit about the ‘incidents’ he has been involved in.  I was a teenager once and I did a lot more fucked up shit than this, and if I had the means Bieber has, trust me it would have been a lot more fucked up.
  • The kid is 19 years old.  If he is away in Europe on tour, let the kid light up.  Who can say when they were that age and went backpacking in Europe or wherever they didn’t smoke weed or do anything ‘out of the ordinary’?
  • Parents are always the people that are up-in-arms about celebrities that go off the beaten path.  The issue here is, Pop Stars, Rock Stars, celebrities of any sorts are not responsible for raising your kids and bare no responsibility to your kids doing fucked up shit.  Parents need to learn how to raise their kids and stop looking elsewhere for blame.
  • Bieber is rich.  He has a ton of money, so if he wants to be a massive douche and buy ridiculous Ferrari’s, wear god awful hats/chains, own monkeys or whatever else, let him.  You would likely do the same.

Sure his music and his general attitude towards everything is something the world could live without, however there is nothing anyone can do about it so let the kid do his thing and forget about it.  OR if you have such an issue with him, STOP BUYING HIS MUSIC AND GOING TO HIS SHOWS! and maybe he will just go away.  I would personally thank anyone who would stop doing that.

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