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Dance music

To say the least, I am not a fan of dance music.   I don’t know if it is because I like music with an actual melody, but the sound of dance music makes me cringe.


I recently found myself at a club for a birthday party where the sole purpose was to go out dancing.  Now, I’m not someone that would ever volunteer or have any interest whatsoever in stepping foot inside a dance club, but since it was a birthday party, I grudgingly went.  This particular place we went to started out as a bit of a surprise to me, the music consisted of some decent tunes that I would find myself listening to on a regular basis.  As the night went on the music started to change.  It turned into a typical dance club.  The conclusion I came to was that any normal human being can’t physically handle the annoyance of the dance beats sober so the club waited until everyone had 10 drinks to switch it. From this point on in the night every song sounded the exact same.  It’s almost like every song had the same time signature with the same beat behind it, much like this scene from Mallrats:



The approach to dance music has been, and always seems to be “remixing” popular songs by adding the stereotypical dance beat, followed by a pause, then a build up and then back to the inevitable beat.  This recipe hasn’t changed in years and now with the availability of recording software, anyone and everyone is doing it.


Has there been any evolution in dance music? Please prove me wrong…
Another Time.









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