Are The Stone Roses The Last Hope For Rock'n'Roll? |

Are The Stone Roses The Last Hope For Rock’n’Roll?

It’s been a long time now since the decline of the music industry and where music became a single-serve entity that could be consumed and disposed of by the click of a button.  The music industry heavyweights needed to make money and do it fast because the numbers that they were pulling in before the debut of the .mp3 were not obtainable anymore.  To do this, the industry made of shift of finding the next big thing, exploit it, discard it, and find the next big thing and start the process over again.  The result has been an overwhelming abundance of Pop.  There is so much Pop music that kids are growing up not knowing what rock’n’roll is.  Even rock’n’roll is currently in a state of electronic hell. For those of us who were aching for a whisper of hope for rock were in a constant state of let-down, until now.

The Stone Roses Reunited

The Stone Roses









In October 2011, the most unlikely of events occurred in music, The Stone Roses announced their reunion.  Until then, rumours upon rumours were constantly flooding the airwaves and the music press for years that the Roses were reuniting, but these rumours were always put to rest one-after-another by members of the band.  However this time it was proven to be true and the Roses were back for good (well…we’ll see).  For those who don’t know, The Stone Roses were the pioneers of the “Madchester” movement of the late 80’s early 90’s that later spawned the “Shoegazing” movement and eventually “Britpop”.  Without The Stone Roses, rock music (as it is) would be in a very, very different place.








Since the announcement of the reunion last year, there has been this sense of change in the air for music.  In the midst of the reunion shows without any new music released, the Roses have reached the UK Top 10 on the iTunes album chart.  Clearly there is a gap in music today that needs to be filled, and that gap is rock’n’roll.  The Stone Roses are back and hopefully new artists will take the queue and follow.  The band symbolizes what’s missing today in music.  They are the quintessential band with an unbelievable iconic lead singer that can hardly sing.  We are living in a time when “The X Factor“, “American Idol” and “Autotune” are tattooed into our brain making us think that absolute perfection and flawless/soulless voices are the norm and that is what is important in music.  While Ian Brown of The Stone Roses can’t sing, it doesn’t matter because he gets up on stage and rocks it because that’s what he is made to do, not because he’s a product of the corporate record industry, but because he’s a real musician.  I absolutely live for artists like that, and when it’s so easy to turn on the radio and hear fake artists belting out soulless corporate tracks like “Call Me Maybe“, it’s refreshing to know that The Stone Roses are back and could possibly be the last hope for rock’n’roll.


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