Are Hipsters in All Genres of Music?? |

Are Hipsters in All Genres of Music??

Hipsters taste in music tends to lean towards the obscure.  In fact, I have had several conversations with people who are what you would consider the stereotypical hipster, and something i tend to do is ask the question “what kind of music are you into?”  and the response 9 times out of 10 is “i’m into obscure music, probably something you haven’t heard before”.  Every time this makes me laugh, and it’s hard not to break out and laugh right in their face.  First, i am confident i know more about music than they do so I without a doubt have heard about their “obscure” musical taste, and second fuck off and get over yourself.

I’m not going to waste everyone’s time and describe the typical hipster and their love for the ‘obscure’ extreme indie music, but what inspired me for this post was a recent Facebook status I saw.  I have a couple friends who are into pure metal and one of them wrote a status update giving people a link to a band to check out.  The other friend wrote an interesting comment insinuating he/she disliked the band because the genre had played itself out and simply isn’t cool anymore or become too popular, who knows.  This got me thinking, could there be hipsters in all genres of music?  I know when I was extremely into metal, i was severely judgmental of ‘metal’ that came out of the late 90’s and early 2000’s (A.K.A. Nu-Metal).  Whoever was into that music was outright ridiculous and needed to get their fucking head examined.  The fact that there are STILL bands that play that awful music is beyond me (cue Three Days Grace).  Technique is a central theme in metal music and let’s face it, bands like Korn have little to no technique.











There is one genre of music I honestly don’t fake being an expert by any means so this comes directly from a friend who is deeply into it, hip hop.  I asked this friend if my theory of hipsters being in every genre crossed into hip hop.  His answer was yes that there are a group of people who only listen to hip hop artists from the ‘underground’.  Hip hop tends to cross into the mainstream a little more than rock, so I can only imagine that the underground hip hop scene is overrun with hip-hop-hipsters.











There are a hundred more musical genres to explore to discover all sorts of hipsters, but the question is, and please shed as much light on this as possible, are there hipsters in all genres of music?  From what I have discovered from the genres I have investigated, the answer is undoubtedly yes.


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