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Abbey Road Etiquette

I recently went on vacation to London England and decided to visit Abbey Road.  Clearly I couldn’t resist the opportunity to be a typical Beatles fan and try to recreate the infamous Abbey Road album cover.  In true London fashion it was pissing rain when we arrived at the infamous landmark.  To my disbelief, even in the pissing rain on a late Monday morning, 45 years after the album was released, the Abbey Road crosswalk was packed with Beatles fans.

If you have been to Abbey Road, you’ll know that it’s not a side street with little-to-no traffic, it’s a traffic-heavy street.  Clearly when visiting, you’ll want to recreate the iconic album cover and have someone take a picture of you walking on the crosswalk.  The problem is, you basically have to wait for a long break in traffic to make this happen.

When I was there, the issues that presented itself were; the traffic, and more importantly, the other Beatles tourists.  The traffic wasn’t an issue, I wasn’t expecting the road to be abandoned, the Beatles tourists however were the real issue.  You would assume that everyone would respect that likely you’re also a Beatles fan and you also would want your picture taken while walking the crosswalk.  However, this is not what occurs.  My purpose was ultimately to walk the same crosswalk as 4 of my heroes but also to immortalize the event with a picture of me walking the crosswalk but this was nearly impossible to do.

I thought everyone else would have the same goal, but it appears nobody gave a shit that others (like myself) were going to be in their picture.  I did however give a shit.  I didn’t want to travel nearly 6,000 km’s to have some other dick appear in my picture.  To get across the street without traffic was difficult enough, but to do this while also dodging other people for a clean picture was ridiculous.  I made sure I allowed everyone to try and get their picture by being in somewhat of a queue and waiting my turn, but when it was finally my turn, people kept forgetting about the queue and kept getting in my fucking picture.  FINALLY after a lot of the crowd fucked off, I quickly got my shot before the next crowd appeared.

Abbey Road 1


Abbey Road etiquette people, please!

Oh and P.S. To the woman dressed in all colours British, waving the Union Jack flag over your head constantly jumping in front of traffic, appearing in nearly all pictures and pissing everyone off in the process; this post is 90% inspired by you.

Abbey Road Stupid Blonde

Another time.


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