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2014 Juno Awards (a.k.a. 2014 Corporate Sponsorship Awards)

I have been writing this blog for a few years now, and being from Canada I figured it was about time I watched Canada’s annual night in music, the Juno Awards.  Generally, I have little to no interest in watching any music award show as typically they are comprised of nothing but Pop artists, as well as the token rock band to fill their rock-quota and the celebration of at least one aging musician.  This year, I figured I needed to be involved in the conversation here in Canada, so I tuned in.

I started watching at the beginning of the show and within seconds I was immediately annoyed with what I was seeing.  You might be thinking it was the music that was annoying me, but to my surprise it wasn’t.  Every time the announcer or the hosts spoke, they would go on and on about whatever corporate sponsor was involved with the particular award that was being presented.  Like basically any TV show, there are corporate sponsors.   Usually these taking the role of the commercial or a super on the screen saying something like “brought to you by corporate sponsor”, but this award show had in-program vocal corporate sponsorships.  By the time the host got to the actual award that was being presented, I had no clue what the award was about.  I don’t know if the Junos are in major financial trouble and these kind of corporate sponsorships were necessary to get it on the air, or if this is the way award shows will be going in the future.  Hopefully the former as it was a fucking joke.  As much as I would like to actually name the corporate sponsors involved in the Junos last night, they aren’t paying me a dime to do so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Because of the ridiculous amount of corporate sponsorships during the program, it was about 45 minutes in that I was fighting with myself to not change the channel.  The nail in the coffin for the Junos was when one of the announcers mentioned that the rock award had been given out the night before.  After this, I was done.  I started to research and discovered that a majority of awards have been given out the night before and not televised.  There was literally no reason to be tuned in anymore, so that was it.  45 minutes is all I could last.  All i have to say is kudos to Tegan and Sara, from what I heard they killed it.  Other than that, I gave it all I could and tried to watch the whole show, but thus due to the overwhelming in-program corporate sponsorships and the lack of worthy awards televised, I just couldn’t make it any further.

For those interested in the full list of winners, click here.

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