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Rock Out With Your Hammer Out

Hammer Antics PromoThe Hammer Antics.

A 4-piece band from Hamilton, ON Canada comprised of singer Michelle Owen, guitars Jeff Rinne, bass Simon Kiela and Jenna Rovinelli behind the kit.

When I initially listened to their first track from the new self-titled EP, I was a little apprehensive of what I heard.  Opening track Sneakers has a little more of a Green Day sound to it than I would ever consider publishing on this site, but as I continued to the next track (and current single) Courtney Love, I started to hear something that got me excited.  It brought me back to when I was a kid walking through the streets listening to my walkman and the sounds of L7 bursting through that awful headset.  Singer Michelle Owen’s voice delivers that familiar sneer that basically went missing in rock’n’roll since Donita Sparks and the L7 crew called it quits.

Heartbreaker follows the single Courtney love.  The track that I would have picked as the first single (but I see what the band were trying to do with Courtney Love) brings some dynamics and a touch of punk rock to the mix making it one of the stand-out tracks on the record.  Kiss Of Deathprobably the most POP sounding track of the record boasts the most memorable (I hate to use the word catchy, but fuck it) catchy chorus while Gold Chain and Monster finish the record with a tiny nugget of the Melvins sound nestled in there somewhere.

The Hammer Antics EP is a rock record from beginning to end and the way the industry is currently heading, these guys are bringing it back to when music was a little more raw and guitars were a little louder.

Rating: 7.5/10

Stand-Out tracks: Heartbreaker, Monster

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The Hammer Antics EP






Upcoming shows:

May 11 – Club Absinthe. Hamilton,ON

May 18 – Lee’s Palace. Toronto,ON

May 24 – The Underground. Hamilton,ON

May 25 – The Central. Toronto,ON

June 1 – The Corktown. Hamilton,ON


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