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About Me

Whether it be live shows, sitting back and enjoying records, or checking out something new online, music is a part of me.  I currently reside in Toronto where the music can be good if you find it, but the atmosphere in the streets and the brilliant people is what makes this city great.

There is nothing I enjoy more in life than discussing music, artists, live shows, records & basically anything music.  It is impossible for me listen to people talking music and not add my two cents.  What better way to reach more people with my view on music than creating this music site.

Here on this site you’ll find Opinions, Concert Listings, Live Concert Pics, Videos, and Indie Bands I dig.

If you’re in an independent band and want me to check out your music, write me at mark@markedwordz.com


My Favourite Quote: 

People often dream of the lottery win.  But what is it anyway? it’s already rotten.  That sounds very negative but…so what

– Richard Ashcroft